Inventory of Hazardous Materials

We offer preparation of IHM reports by our hazmat experts. Reports are based on document analysis and on-board investigation through sampling and visual checks. IHM Part I reports, which are prepared according to the MEPC.269(68) 2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials, shall be certified by the flag states or by recognized organizations (ROs).

Service of ships serving offshore wind farms

We also provide our services in the growing sector of offshore wind farms. Vessels servicing and building farms also require inspections and services. With an experienced team, we are able to perform any services or inspections you need such as VEP Project Entry vessel inspection or Fit for Purpose. In this field, we have already been trusted e.g by Iberdrola S.A. one of the largest energy companies in Europe and in the world and one of leaders of the global wind farm market including offshore wind farms.

Our Services

Our team of engineers and technicians on top of theoretical knowledge have the practical experience gained over the years of work in marine industry ashore and at sea.

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