System VSAT provide communication with Internet, satellite telephone and other connection system almost everywhere around the world. Offered VSAT System provide reliable connection with VoIP systems, Vessel tracking, GSM, ENC and weather service.

  • Improved mobility and demand for high speed broadband applications (512 kbps)
  • Rapidly increasing number of advanced maritime Internet Protocol (IP) applications (512 kbps)
  • Attract experienced crew by offering superior communications and entertainment options
  • Affordable basic Internet, e-mail and voice applications (64 and 128 kbps)
  • Connectivity of ships and platforms to enterprise grade IP applications
  • Bandwidth guarantees, visibility of CIRs and SLAs
  • Fixed service fees with affordable equipment leasing or purchase options
  • Bandwidth on-demand for:
    • Integrating in-house proprietary applications and ERP systems
    • Critical up-to-date online data
    • Weather maps and e-charts
    • Video teleconferences
    • High speed IP applications (512 kbps)
  • Improved safety and security with remote surveillance video feeds (128 kbps)
  • Remote monitoring of systems and analysis of data anywhere, anytime
  • Keep up to date on LRIT and ECDIS