The integral part of our company is design department working on new projects for propulsion control system, power distribution management modifications and conversion for offshore units to comply with DP 1 or DP 2 class. Our company has a proven track record in delivering various services to many well-known offshore companies. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced engineers, available 24/7 for remote or local support. We have experience in various project:

  • GAP Analysis, ERN Increasing – usually with minor hardware or software upgrade,
  • Vessel systems integrating (DP, IAS, Propulsion, Engine, MSB, Cooling, LO, etc.),
  • Dry Docking assistance,
  • DP Operation Consultancy,
  • Technical Assistance,
  • Troubleshooting and repair,
  • New FMEA Report, DP Annuals and Renewals, CMID,
  • DP Capability Plots, New ERN/ESKI calculation
  • Document control (DP Manual, ASOG, TAM, Checklists, etc),
  • 24/7 Remote Assistance. Incident Investigations.