Control System

Main features:
  • A universal system for controlling all kinds of propulsion systems (azimuth propellers, bow thrusters, controllable pitch propellers, etc.),
  • Built of commonly available industrial automatics components, produced by the world’s leading manufacturers,
  • Compatible with existing systems and devices (e.g. VDR, IAS, IBS, DP),
  • Adjusted to cooperation with the dynamic positioning system,
  • Easy to expand thanks to its modular structure and application of network communication,
  • Competitive price.

While designing the control, panel we aimed at obtaining a minimalistic look, keeping the ergonomics and the broadest functionality in mind. Touch panel and optimal number of function buttons made the interface clear and easy to use. Interface is intuitive and easy for access to all important information regarding the propulsion system performance. Control panel has an attractive and modern design.

Control Panel Features:
  • Glass, capacitive touchscreen,
  • High quality, modern design control lever
  • Area dedicated for controls and buttons,
  • Anodized aluminium housing.
  • Many versions of the control panel are available, each with a different number of touch screens, control lever type and layout of the elements.
  • It is a possible to customize the panel to individual needs and preferences.

Control software is stored on a memory card (in case of damage, a quick repair is possible by replacing the driver and switching the memory card). Subsystems are connected in network based on ring topology which provides fastest reconfiguration time after system fail (short enough that operator won’t even notice system failure). Designed control system is based on double power supply system, providing high reliability. System components are approved by marine classification societies.


control system