Electrical Power Quality Analysis

Electrical Power Quality is one of the most significant factor, describing vessel's systems reliability. Power quality involves voltage, frequency, and waveform. Frequency drives, high load consumers and converters create disturbancens into electrical distribution systems.

SEnControl perform full scale test and analysis of electrical systems:
  • Fault ride through capability analysis
  • Total harmonic distortion analysis
  • Insulations resistance measurement

Fault ride through (FRT) capability is ability of vessel equipment and systems to withstand transient interruptions of power supply. In relation to DP operating vessel, FRT capability is understood as vessel’s ability to keep position and heading after worst case fault resulting in voltage drop in main power distribution system, typically such failure would be main switchboard short circuit. In split main switchboard configuration, FRT capability is guaranteed by separation of main power system into two, independent subsystems. In closed main switchboard configuration, FRT capability is provided by protection systems which isolate the fault within given time limits.